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Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide

Artificial grass requires some maintenance. To keep it looking its best and to get the most out of its lifespan there are a few things you need to do. The official TigerTurf maintenance instructions for Landscape can be found here

Perfect green grass can provide an annual maintenance service at a cost but even still, it cannot perform miracles and so care and attention throughout the year is recommended:

  • Initial Regular brushing – It takes a while for the sand infill to fully penetrate the surface of the grass, even with the use of a power brush. Regular light brushing during the ‘bedding in’ period of 6-8 weeks will help the surface reach its optimum condition.
  • Monthly brushing – Brushing should take place in all directions with a medium-soft bristled brush. This helps distribute the sand infill and keep the pile upright for longer. Pay special attention to areas of high use.
  • Collect leaves – It is important to not let organic matter rot in the surface of the grass. This will block the drainage and also encourage weed growth. Leaves and other debris can help make the lawn appear more natural so it is not imperative to keep your lawn clear all of the time but before the material has time to bed in and rot it should be collected.
  • Weed killing – Moss and weed killing over the surface of your grass should happen at least once a year. As discussed in the pros & cons, weeds can germinate in the surface/sand infill and although they cannot root through the grass they will still appear on the surface. Use a water based weed killer and once the weeds have died off collect up the debris. Weed killing around the edges can be done more often as weeds are likely to grow in the gaps between the grass and surrounding areas.
  • Clean up after your pets – Remove mess as you would on a regular lawn. Stains can be removed easily using hot water with household detergent. If you have a problem with smell then use a pet deodoriser/anti-bacterial solution. These can be found in most pet stores or online. Unfortunately sometimes there is nothing you can do about smell if you have several pets and a small lawn.


  • Allow sharp objects on your lawn – they can pierce the backing of the grass & weed membrane allowing weeds to grow through.
  • Smoke, BBQ or light fires on the surface – Although flame retardant, artificial grass will melt in high heat and permanently damage the lawn. Even curved mirrors have been known to scorch artificial lawns as they focus the sun’s light over a small area.
  • Drive cars, motorbikes or heavy vehicles over the surface – the weight and traction of the tyres can damage both the surface and groundworks. However, wheelbarrows, wheelchairs and children’s bikes etc. are all fine to use.
  • Drop chewing gum or adhesives onto the surface of the grass.

Artificial Grass Information For Pet Owners

Because our pets need outdoor areas when nature calls, our grasses have good drainage for any liquids to dissipate. However we recommending hosing the lawn down with water after your pets have taken advantage of this. If extra help is needed then a mild detergent such as washing up liquid can be used. The manufacturer also recommends the following 3 products for odour and stain removal from artificial turf:

  • Four Paws Industrial Strength Stain & Odour Remover available in store at Just 4 pets and on line.
  • Pet Wee Away available on line.
  • Pets at Home antimicrobial stain and odour remover.

Perfect green grass can offer an annual maintenance service which when combined with regular ongoing care by you will uphold the TigerTurf guarantee and keep your grass looking and performing at its best for years to come. Our services include; removing debris, toping up the sand infill, brushing the surface with a power brush, treating the surface with an anti-moss & algae solution and treating the surface with a pet deodoriser/anti-bacterial solution

Perfect Green Grass Maintenance Service

Our lawn maintenance service, when combined with regular maintenance by you throughout the rest of the year is a great way to keep your lawn looking and feeling great for years to come.

Our service includes; removing debris from the surface of your lawn, topping up the infill with green sand, power brushing the surface to revitalise the pile and using an anti-moss & algae solution + weed killer over the surface of your lawn. We also have the additional option of a pet deodoriser/anti-bacterial treatment. Please note, weeds will not be removed from the surface of the grass. They will be treated with weed killer and left to perish. This treatment is more successful than pulling the weeds out and potentially leaving roots behind to continue to grow.

Our maintenance service is thorough but cannot perform miracles. If you have not followed the maintenance guide laid out on our website then there is a high possibility that we will be unable to recover pile flattening. Please read the maintenance guide as care little and often can prevent costly repairs to damage/poorly maintained grass.

Our service is priced according to size of your lawn:

Up to 25m2 £65.00

25m2 to 50m2 £95.00

50m2 to 75m2 £120.00

Over 75m2 £1.60 per square metre

Pet owners please add £0.30per m2 to the cost for your lawn if you would like us to include a deodoriser treatment in the service. All prices include VAT.


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